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What is the Kleysen Customer Portal?

The Kleysen Customer Portal is a set of web applications that deliver powerful tools to our valued customers.
For our Deck and Bulk customers, we provide up-to-the-minute order status and location information through our satellite and GPS technologies. See Demo
For our Intermodal customers, you can easily view the status and location of ALL your orders See Demo. If you have a web-enabled cell phone, you can use Kleysen’s Mobile Trace to check your shipments anytime, anywhere you have cell phone service.See Demo
If we are providing Distribution Services for your organization, you can quickly check on the status of your incoming, outgoing, and stored goods at one or all of our distribution centres, as well as any goods in transit. See Demo
Our Freight Management and Logistics services provide real-time inventory information for items we are moving or warehousing for you. See Demo
Please ask about our customized web solutions for bundled services. We can provide unparalleled end-to-end visibility for you and your customers.

Please contact your Customer Service Representative or Account Manager for more details.


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