Kleysen’s Dry Bulk transportation Division has the ability to bridge various service solutions to those customers looking to ship material in Bulk. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide source to destination solutions for all your dry bulk transport and handling needs.  

What can be transported by Bulk?

At Kleysen, we have a large asset based pneumatic tank fleet stationed throughout the Prairie Provinces.  In addition to our pneumatic tanks, we have a fleet of specialty bulk trailers custom designed and dedicated to our customer’s needs.  Many of these assets are strategically domiciled at or near our transload and warehousing facilities which are located within close proximity to both CN and CP mainlines. This strategic positioning helps ensure the Kleysen’s Dry Bulk Transport Division is a necessary call when reviewing the transportation of your dry bulk needs. 

Our focus is on, but not limited to the construction industry, mining and milling industries, oil and gas, manufacturing, agricultural as well as general dry bulk movements.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide solutions to our customer's needs whether that be direct transport between origin and destination pairings or the need for transload, warehousing and rail options.  At Kleysen we find ways to ensure no stone is left unturned in our desire to provide cost effective solutions to our customer's dry bulk shipping requirements.

We transport cement and cementatious materials, magnesium oxide, salt(s), aggregates, concentrates, ore, soda ash, fertilizer, grains and many other dry bulk commodities.  



  • Service between Canada and the U.S.A.
  • Expedited and Non Expedited
  • Logistics Services
  • Material-handling Systems
  • Bulk Storage Facilities and Silos



  • End-dump Containers
  • Sidedumps
  • Pneumatic Tanks