Transloading - is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another while enroute from origin to destination.  At Kleysen this includes handling products shipped in railcars, containers and trucks shipped to Western Canada from origin points across North America and globally.  Yard personnel use equipment such as cranes, loaders, forklifts, trailers, shunt tractors, storage containers, and conveyor systems to transfer and inventory products such as commodity steel, pipe, lumber, construction materials, machinery, bulk grains, and salt.  Drivers transport the products to and from customers, suppliers, and our yards as an integral piece of the supply chain to service our key projects and long-standing customers.


At Kleysen a team of skilled professionals manage complex yards with a combination of everyday & special project work. Examples of this work are material handling, storage and transportation, logistics services, and receiving and de-stuffing containers or loading containers for international container export. Examples of recent special projects work are the Telus Sky Building in Calgary AB, and West Georgia in Vancouver BC. 


Liquid petroleum products, chemicals and dry bulk products round out our transload capabilities complete with track and trace, inventory control and management, steaming, blending, and document control allowing products to be safely transferred from rail to truck, truck to rail, rail to rail and truck to truck.


Safety has been a top priority.  The mindset is: "You arrived to work whole; we want to see you head off to home whole."   We are once again the recipient of the CN Rail Safe Handling Award for 2021


There is passion and care that goes into the work that is conducted daily by the entire team to ensure that everyone can work in a safe and positive workplace.  Our hats go off to our Transload Teams - we know they perform exemplary work that really does require a team effort, people who are detail oriented, safety minded, enjoy all modes of transportation, and enjoy working with our drivers, customers, and communities.



Mobile Transportation Tray (MTT)
Mobile Transportation Tray (MTT)



Kleysen operates a fleet of Mobile Transportation Trays (MTT) providing our clients with an alternative transportation solution to convert traditional Over the Road and Carload Supply Chains to realize potential transportation cost savings and reduced transit times on the Intermodal Container Rail Network.  Kleysen’s dedicated and knowledgeable MTT team is able to work with our clients to design, customize and streamline complete Door to Door Supply Chain programs within the North American market.




What is an MTT/MTT Process?


  • Mobile Transportation Trays
  • Steel skid with rollers and securement devices
  • Ability to Load/Unload outside of the Intermodal container
  • Designed for Safe Securement of the cargo
  • Ability to slide the MTT into/out of the container with forklift using MTT roller system
  • Ships in 53’ Intermodal container


      Why use an MTT?


  • Converts Carload  and Deck Trucking (OTR) customers to Intermodal
  • Efficient to Load/Unload/Secure
  • Ensures weight dispersion of load to meet Rail standards
  • Reduced damages to cargo during transit
  • Quicker and more consistent rail service and transit time
  • Cost savings on rail transport
  • Less storage requirements, streamlined JIT delivery


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Transload Services & Assets
  1. Rail from Source
  2. Warehousing
  3. Inventory Control
  4. Just-in-time Distribution Services
  5. Rail-to-truck Transloads
  6. Truck-to-rail Transloads
  7. Logistics Services
  8. Load Planning and Consolidation
  9. Internet Tracking and Tracing
  10. Full EDI Integration
  11. Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  12. Acres of Developed Lands
  13. Bulk Storage
  14. Bulk Transload
  15. Container Docks (Indoor and Outdoor)
  16. Forklifts
  17. Grain Silos (2,000 Metric Tons)
  18. Heated Warehouses
  19. Liquid Bulk Transloading
  20. Loaders
  21. Pipe Clamps
  22. Railcar Steamers/Boilers
  23. 50 Tons Overhead Cranes


Goods Management

  • Our In-house platform manages your “Goods” from origin to destination by item number.

Project Management / Customer Service

  • Road to Rail Transportation Procurement
  • Goods Transload, Storage, Inventory Management and Tracking
  • Customized Status Reporting